Medical Advances in the Fight Against Cancer


Cancer has been one of the most difficult diseases to understand over the last decades. But we can say that lately medicine has made a huge improvement when it comes to that matter.

The ultimate goal is how to cure that deadly abnormality that destroys cells, tissues, and the whole organism.


One of the most effective breakthroughs of medicine in treatment of tumors is immunotherapy, the principle is easy to understand, using one’s own immune system to destroy and neutralize cancer cells.

It has been proven to be successful in treating various types of tumoral cells, bladder cancer, Lung cancer, and even skin cancer.

We cannot make it easier for the reader to understand then saying, that this method consists in activating the T cells in the immune system specifically against the cancerous Cells. Although researchers admit that there is a lot of way to go to make this therapy way more effective and someday to cure the cancer altogether.
One example of the use of this Therapy is the treatment of Pleural Mesothelioma, which is an asbestos-caused cancer. the fact that malignant Mesothelioma cells can hide from the immune system, makes immunotherapy the convenient treatment for it, as it helps our organism detect and destroy these tumoral cells.

It is important to mention one of the most astonishing breakthroughs in immunotherapy which is the development of checkpoint inhibitors. These are drugs used to block signals from tumors, by blocking these signals it makes them vulnerable again to the immune system.

Gene Therapy

Understanding human genetics, not only makes it possible for us to understand our bodies and how they function but it also makes it very possible to cure diseases that were a taboo for us, doctors, such as Cancer. Gene therapy consists of detecting a defective Gene, repairing it or replaces it with a normal one.

Because tumors are the results of constantly mutating cells, it makes them very hard to be detected by our immune system, therefore very hard to cure, gene therapy is the solution to that, because it targets the sole cause of the dilemma, faulty Genes.

As already known each and every human or living individual has a unique Genetic structure, that is why doctors can identify the genes responsible for the disease and make a specific treatment, which is replacing these genes.


Being optimistic against the fight of a very deadly disease such as Cancer is a must. Because these medical advancements are made, it gives us very high hopes, immunotherapy and gene therapy both have broad horizons ahead, and a lot has to be done in the coming years to make it accessible for all the patients.We can all help by spreading awareness, and preach for more funding for cancer research, all of that makes the final result more and more close to realize.