What is CRISPR/Cas9 Genome editing?


We can say that since the discovery of CRISPR/Cas9, the game rule has been modified immensely in the field of medicine and genetics, it didn’t only make sequencing DNA easier, but it made it very easy and accessible to modify the genome, and therefore it opened a wide horizon to cure a vast list of diseases none ever dreamed that it can be cured, the name CRISPR is the DNA sequence token from a Bacteria Genome, it is indeed a part of their immune system, whereas Cas9 is like a pair of scissors, its function is associated to CRISPR.

This new Discovery of the Pair CRISPR/Cas9 made it possible to modify any given sequence of DNA of any living organism.via a gRNA (guide RNA) it targets the wanted sequence of DNA, then comes the Cas9 and it slices the particular DNA spot, afterwards the Cells repairs that part again.

After we made it clear how it works, can you just imagine the uses of this Technique? from curing incurable diseases to enhancing crops or livestock.

It is true that CRISPR/Cas9 uses might seem to be limitless, but let us not forget the Deontological aspect of its uses, and the many moralistic question it might rise, ethics is a very important part of any medical fields that can not sperate from science, it is what makes science humanized.

As a conclusion let us say that this technique is a revolutionary technique not only in medicine but also Agriculture. while it’s use might seem without any harm, the ethical aspect of it, must be at the front of the discussion. [1]


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